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Case Opening to Issuance of Briefing Schedule

Agency Case Docketing Statement - This form must be filed by petitioner in all petitions for review of decisions of federal administrative agencies.

Civil Appeal Information Form - This form must be submitted in civil cases.

Corporate Disclosure Form

Concise Summary of the Case - This form must be submitted in all cases which are subject to the Court's Appellate Mediation Program 

Criminal Appeal Information Form and Notice to Counsel in Criminal Cases - The Criminal Appeal Information form must be filed in all direct criminal appeals. The notice form provides information about direct criminal cases.

Entry of Appearance Form - This is the form to be used to enter an appearance in a case. This is an online form that can be filled out on the screen, then printed locally.

 Entry of Appearance Form for Law Students

In Forma Pauperis Affidavit - Affidavit to be used to request in forma pauperis status.

 In Forma Pauperis Affidavit for the Appointment of Counsel Only - Affidavit to be used when the filing fee for the appeal has been paid but the litigant wishes to have counsel appointed.

Mediation Order - Order establishing and governing the Court's Appellate Mediation Program.

Notice to Counsel in Cases Subject to Appellate Mediation - This form provides information about what cases are subject to the Court's Appellate Mediation Program and procedures for the Program.

 Transcript Purchase Order Form - This form must be filed in all appeals even if transcripts are not being ordered. Copies must be filed with the Court of Appeals and District Court and served on all appellees even if transcripts are NOT being ordered. If ordering transcripts a copy must be sent to the appropriate Court Reporter.